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The Oil Change Business is a $15 billion industry in which you can earn tremendous rewards for your efforts. We invite you to join Lube N’ Go in the explosive growth of the nation’s leading and most innovative on site oil change service. We stock vans and trailers so you can get your mobile lube business up and running.



USED SYSTEM FOR SALE! 20k O.B.O.!! pre-owned LT-1000XL system installed in a 2012 chevy express. equipment kept in great condition and well maintained. vehicle has 160k miles and in good shape. system in operation for only 1 1/2 years. For more information contact Jeff at 208-278-2896.


This professionally designed business is ready to be taken over by an owner/operator who can walk into instant cash flow. All new state of the art equipment installed and ready to work. Cheetah Mobile Services has been booming due to the Covid-19 epidemic; meaning with a little marketing and hands on ownership this business can be fully booked daily  –  take advantage NOW! 

About Cheetah Mobile Services: 

Cheetah Mobile Services is designed to save customers time and money while offering top notch customer service. The state of the art van makes getting oil changes and vehicles washed done fast and effective. Cheetah comes to the customer without them having to take time out of their day to go deal with lousy mechanics and techs while putting a hole in their wallet. Cheetah Mobile Services provides all aspects of car services including oil changes, fluid top offs, filter checks, wiper inspections, tire checks, car wash/full detailing, pressure washing of homes and offices, and many more services that an every day customer and or company needs to keep their busy life going without taking time out of their day. No vehicle nor job has ever been too big for Cheetah Mobile Services, and with the right buyer and little bit of marketing, this unique business is bound for success in a short amount of time!

 Cheetah Mobile Services:

  • Oil Change (semi/full synthetic)
  • Oil Filter
  • Fluid Top off
  • Tire Check
  • Wiper Inspection
  • Air filter inspection
  • Pressure washing homes and offices
  • Car Wash/Full Detailing

Cheetah Mobile Services is perfect for customers if they like:

  • Not having to deal with upselling mechanics and techs
  • Saving lots of time and hassle (Cheetah comes to you!)
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Reliable service
  • Saving money

 Employee/Workplace Benefits:

  • Business will schedule Cheetah to come to their work place and provide service to employees throughout all of the business! No office has ever been too big or too small!
  • Employees can get their car/truck an oil change, washed, and or detailed while they work!

 Why are Fleets so successful?

Fleets are a key factor when it comes to the success of Cheetah Mobile Services. Providing rental car companies, offices, HOA’s, strip malls, any type of business that has more than one car in their business the luxury of not having to take multiple vehicles to get routine maintenance when Cheetah can provide it for them. The advantages of having companies use our fleet program include limited insurance risks as vehicles stay on their property, save money on fuel, keep vehicles looking professional, overhead savings by not needing a mechanic on staff, and much more! 


Just had an oil change done on my Volvo this morning and I am highly impressed with the service provided. Definitely using them again. Worth every penny.

  • I needed an oil change on my 36 ft RV, which is way to big to take into most service centers. The convenience of having them come to the house and take care of it for me was great, and cost less than the RV dealerships wanted to do it. They arrived promptly and took care of the work quickly. I just wish they could have changed the oil in the RV generator too.
  • Cheetah mobile is a game changer! Honestly I dread oil change time because with a toddler at home it’s always a hassle to either wait at the shop or switch cars/car seats. I happened to google oil change services nearby and I’m glad I did! They had a same day opening and pulled up right outside my garage. Done in about 30 minutes and even filled up my tires. Will definitely be having them come back regularly!
  • Will never use another service again. They are professional and have the best customer service. They are very detailed oriented and save me a ton of time. I get my oil changed and car washed and don’t have to drag the kids out. Don’t go to a shop anymore when you have Cheetah Mobile.

Inventory List

  • 2019 Ford Transit Van 18,500 miles ($30,000 value)
  • Van Wrap ($3,700 value)
  • Fully built and customized website with shopping cart and back end booking system ( ($9,500 value)
  • Database of approximately 5,000 plus Orlando area business leads and 200 current residential customers
  • Social media accounts-Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • LT-2500 Oil Change system fully installed ($17,000 value)
  • Power Washer and Water storage for Car washes
  • Training Manuals

Total Business Purchase: $59,000  

CONTACT: Mario Conte  ***   (352) 458-1031 ***